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Embriyology in vitro fertilization in vitro fertilization
Cardiovascular diseases Cancer Stem cell
Neurodegenerative diseases Autoimmune diseases
Experimental animal Cell culture
Flowcytometer analyses Gene transfer Cell culture
Immunohistochemistry / Immunofluorescence in situ hybridization Luminometric
Spectrophotometric / Spectrofluorometric Tunnel Western blotting
Current spectrometry Sequence Analysis Electron Microscope
ELISA Fluorescence Microscope HPLC
ICSI Immunoblot Inverted Mikroscope
Confocal Microscopy Mass Spectrometer LCMS-MS
Luminometry Microarray Multiplex System
PCR/RT-PCR SEM Spectrofluorimetre
TEM Ultracentrifuge
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Dead Cell Research Association Bank Information

IS BANK, IZMIR Dokuz Eylul Branch

Account Number: (3481)-111174

IBAN: TR490006400000134810111174